Company History

Where We Came From & Where We're Going



It's Who We Are

Charles Darwin once wrote about a basic concept: Adapt or Die. In 2007, Apple released the first iPhone, which forever changed the way we communicate. Normally, connecting these dots to the accounting world wouldn’t make much sense — however, to us, it made perfect sense.

Immediately, we believed the iPhone would revolutionize entire industries, including the entire accounting landscape.

Dustin Boggs

What if you really could run a company from anywhere in the world using a device small enough to hold in your hand? We decided then — either adapt to this rapidly changing world or risk fading into irrelevance.

What we realized is that there was a hole in the industry for small and large businesses alike. What if we could expand on this technology and turn your accounting department into a proactive tool to drive more business?

For Every Successful Business

There Comes a Crossroads

Small Business Accounting Firms

Every growing business will eventually arrive at a crucial crossroads

The founding team is no longer able to devote valuable time and energy to selling or operating the business because the burdensome accounting tasks have become crippling.

Accounting Company

At this point, you have a decision to make

Do you hire an in-house employee to handle your finances or do you look for tools to accomplish those accounting tasks in a smarter, more valuable way? We believe strongly in Option B because the value ceiling is much higher

Current Accounting

A New Type of Accounting Service is Born

From this theory, Current Accounting was born. Since 2010, we have grown with technology so that we remain on the cutting edge. We have enjoyed helping countless companies reach levels of success they never knew possible. No matter your industry, we believe our service can be tailored to achieve similar levels of success for your business.


Meet our Team

Reached our first major milestone project in 2013 with a start-up winery, followed soon after by another project for a fast-growing app development company (with a slew of Webby Awards and annually listed on the Inc 5000).

In 2016, a decision was made to relocate to Charleston, SC. By Summer 2017, we had successfully relaunched in Charleston, SC