Dustin Boggs


Dustin Boggs

Born and raised in Lynchburg, VA, one of my earliest passions was puzzles – always the ones involving some type of water. One of my greatest memories as a child was vacationing on the coast of North Carolina, oceanfront bay doors wide open with a 1,000+ piece puzzle sprawled out on the table.

I believe that virtually every situation is, in a way, a puzzle that needs to be solved, and this is how I have approached every aspect of my life and career. Accounting is no different – in fact, I believe this philosophy is greatly-enhanced in the accounting world because everything that a company does involves accounting in some way.

Dustin Boggs

University of North Carolina—Wilmington Bachelors of Science – Business Management

Liberty University Masters of Science – Accounting

My wife and I started Current Accounting in 2010 with a few basic principles in mind:

  • Help people excel
    The accounting department in every organization has a 360-degree view. Rather than this becoming a burdensome task, we believe this provides the accounting team the opportunity to equip the decision-makers with ammunition to become the absolute best their company can be. We try to provide data analysis that often times would never have been thought-of before.
  • Solve the accounting puzzle
    In today’s world, we believe the tools exist, in any industry, to synchronize data from many platforms into a central location, which allows us to truly obtain that 360-degree view of the organization.
  • Promote a healthy quality of life
    With the peace of mind we strive to provide, our true satisfaction comes from knowing we helped your employees, top-to-bottom, stop stressing about a tax or an audit deadline…and were able to go enjoy their son’s baseball game or their daughters dance recital. That is when we know we have made a real difference.

At the end of the day, it really is simply putting a puzzle together.


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