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Don’t Just Google “Accountant Near Me” – Four Reasons to Choose Us!

s we head into next year’s tax season, many small businesses are recognizing that last year could have been much more profitable

As we head into next year’s tax season, many small businesses are recognizing that last year could have been much more profitable if they had enlisted the help of an accountant from the start. If you own one of those businesses, don’t just Google “account near me” and choose at will. Here are just four reasons to choose Current Accounting and let us take your business to the next level in the upcoming year!

Cloud Software

The old method of business accounting involved one person and a hard drive. The bookkeeper was more like a gatekeeper who had a lockdown of all the financial information that could have been put to good use. Not only do you have to pay a full-time bookkeeper in Charleston whether you need them full-time or not; if they were just recording for tax purposes, it might be costing you. At Current Accounting, we have done away with one hard drive and incorporated cloud accounting for all of our small businesses. Once more, we use only the latest technology to help bring your company to the next level.

More Than Just A Tax Accountant

Some small businesses think of an accountant around tax time to just sort through receipts and make sure that the proper IRS returns are filed. At Current Accounting, it isn’t that we don’t prepare tax documents for our clients; it is that we don’t just show up around tax time to reconcile all that you did throughout the fiscal year. By having us involved from the start, you can maximize your deductions and minimize the risk of an audit. We are good at what we do but we aren’t magicians, and if you don’t follow the guidelines, we can’t go back and undo what you’ve done!

We Are Less Expensive Than Hiring Full-Time

Our fractional CFO outsourcing is exactly what you need for your small business. In fact, we save you money because you don’t have to hire a full-time employee to manage your finances, pay for their vacation, and spend on health insurance and other perks. When you hire us, you get the guidance you need to make informed decisions without paying for all the other expenses of hiring in-house. Our fractional CFO packages are the way to go!

Customized and Local; No Artificial Intelligence – Real Intelligence!

We aren’t a big-box accounting or payroll company that only knows you as an account number. We are a locally-owned and operated accounting firm that takes great pride in not just getting to know everyone we serve, but caring enough to listen to concerns and provide answers when you need them. You never have to wait on hold and hear “your patience is appreciated.” We appreciate you enough not to make you wait. We aren’t guided by artificial intelligence – we are really intelligent and knowledgeable!

As we head into a new tax season, most small businesses will likely see the error of their ways, and one common error is not hiring an outsourcing accounting firm to handle your small-business needs. If you are ready to undo the mistakes of this year and head down a smarter path for next, then don’t just Google “accountant near me” – choose Current Accounting for all of your business needs today!