Holly Boggs

Co-Founder / CSO (Chief Sales Officer)

Holly Boggs

A native of Waynesboro, VA, I have always had a southern charm that could talk a wild turkey tame, as my grandmother would say. I could not even walk through a grocery store without seeing someone I knew and striking up a conversation. So, what better role for me than in sales!

Partnering with my husband to start Current Accounting was an easy choice – combining his analytical approach with my networking abilities has created our own Dream Team, of sorts.

But don’t let the southern twang fool you – I can still produce results! In fact, I was considered the “Million Dollar Baby” in a prior life with a Four-Diamond Property outside of Charlottesville, VA. I have built professional relationships with Phillip Morris USA (Altria), World Bank, Daimler Chrysler, and the University of Virginia. However, at heart, I am still the sweet, southern mama to our beautiful girls and love nothing more than helping a neighbor ‘trim some bushes’ to make their yard look nice.

You never know – you may even get a good, home-cooked meal out of the deal too!

Holly Boggs

Longwood University Bachelors of Business Management

Concentration Marketing


CookingMakes a mean lasagna and mac & cheese

GardeningFiend for ‘early girl’ tomatoes


Retail therapyHome Goods

TV Show Law & Order

MovieThe Dark Knight

SongAretha Franklin – R.E.S.P.E.C.T.