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Hiring Internal or Outsourcing Payroll – Which One Makes More Cents?

For many small-business owners, payroll can begin to feel like a full-time role. If you are spending more time paying people

For many small-business owners, payroll can begin to feel like a full-time role. If you are spending more time paying people than doing what you need to do, you might be considering hiring someone to manage your payroll responsibilities. There are many benefits to outsourcing an accounting company to manage payroll, and in the long run, it will save you money as well as headaches. These are just some of the reasons that outsourcing beats hiring internally.

Your Time is Worth Money

If you are spending the majority of your time paying employees, then who is handling the day-to-day operations and overseeing the big picture? Your time is worth money, especially in terms of your value as a business owner. If you hire a payroll company, you will be able to focus on what you need to guide your company’s success and expansion.

Save Resources and Costs

When you outsource payroll, you save money because you get the assistance of an expert to handle payroll without actually increasing your payroll costs. Payroll management is a field that requires funding to hire people internally to manage, not to mention having to pay them perks like sick time and holiday pay. When you outsource your payroll, you only pay for the time and attention you need, not for a full-time employee.

The Latest Technology

When you hire a payroll company like Current Accounting, you get the advantage of the latest technology. We are always striving to make your payroll efforts the easiest and to reduce the risk of error. Having cloud technology not only makes our job easier; it makes your job easier when you hire us. Also, we ensure that we have the best cyber security possible so you never have to worry about compromising your data or that of your employees.

Keeping Up to Date with Regulations

Unlike internally managing payroll, outsourcing companies live and breathe what they do. The government is continually changing things, and if you aren’t keeping tabs, then you might just get in some serious trouble – without even knowing it until you have to pay fines – or worse. At Current Accounting, we are on the pulse of any changes and keeping tabs on trends in payroll regulations. We ensure that we are up-to-date so that our customers are, too!

Return on Investment

When you consider the money you would have to spend on software, paying someone internally, and the additional hours that it would take to handle your own payroll instead of outsourcing, it is easy to see that you will pay a whole lot less by hiring an outsourcing company than with allocating one person, or professional, to your payroll tasks.

Sometimes as a small business owner, you tend to wear too many hats and not notice that your company suffers for it in terms of success and expansion. If you are spending more time paying people than focusing on the bigger picture, then it is time to get help. Consider outsourcing your payroll to our accounting company. At Current Accounting, we guarantee that we will save you money, time, and headaches! Contact us to get started today!