The Status Quo is Resilient to Change, but Necessary – Bookkeeping In Charleston, SC Versus Digital Cloud Accounting

We have written articles in the past about how bookkeeping in Charleston, SC is nothing short of balancing a checkbook, which doesn’t give small businesses enough information necessary to take their company to the next level.

We have written articles in the past about how bookkeeping in Charleston, SC is nothing short of balancing a checkbook, which doesn’t give small businesses enough information necessary to take their company to the next level. Two common themes that we often run into with small business owners is that they believe they need nothing more than someone to balance the books. And secondly, that the accounting objectives cannot be accomplished through outsourcing.

Similarly, we have discussed how the businesses that find the most success are the ones that learn to adapt early and continually to accommodate new demands by auditing and implementing new more efficient processes.

Bookkeeping Only is a Waste of Resources

In the past, a company might have benefited from having someone on staff who was there just to do the bookkeeping and compile financials, but over the past decade, with the introduction of the internet, a bookkeeper on staff is no longer necessary – it is often a waste of resources. It also limits your ability to grow and make sound financial decisions quickly.

Through the years, we have seen a key misconception where it pertains to small business accounting. Outsourcing accounting, even partially, can not only generate massive savings – by as much as 80% to 90% versus the cost of hiring full-time internally – it provides a situation where a wealth of knowledge is available to business owners. You get CFO-level expertise for a fraction of the cost. Many small business owners are so focused on the day-to-day processes and they hold an outdated belief of ‘accounting,’ that it’s hard for them to visualize a digital cloud accounting concept.

Why Does our Digital Cloud Accounting Save you Money Over Bookkeeping in Charleston, SC?

When you hire someone on staff full-time to handle your financials, you have to pay them a full-time salary, including payroll taxes and any offered benefits. As small business owners are well aware, accounting is a non-revenue-generating expense. So, the cost directly affects the bottom line. Wouldn’t it make more sense to transform this function into as much automation and efficiency as possible?

Another misconception we run into is that our concept is a euphemism for downsizing. Terms like “efficiency” and “automation” are scary for many organizations because existing employees immediately feel threatened. That could not be further from the truth for us – we believe the introduction of automation will make your existing team even stronger, not minimize them! Removing time-draining barriers fosters immediate creativity – and creativity is infectious. Our system impacts accounting, HR, IT…across the board, and the impact is wide-ranging.

Real-Time Data Available to all who Need it

The old way of accounting was to have someone on staff who sat at a desk and maintained control over the “books”. Only one person is the gatekeeper to the financial information. If someone in the company could benefit from seeing generated earnings reports or other accounting information, they were beholden to go through the bookkeeping person. Our digital cloud accounting takes your financials online.

With everything from purchasing to receiving flowing through the cloud, it is readily available for anyone within the company who can use it. It isn’t only about having access; you can set up your system for alerts, daily or weekly reports, and readouts to supply you continual information to make day-to-day decisions based on real-time information. In essence, you aren’t paying someone to be the gatekeeper of data-rich information – you are getting all the information you need without human error or the chance to miss something.

So, Why is it so Hard for us to Make our Case?

Sometimes the status quo sticks and people are reluctant to try something new, and we totally understand that. But the problem is, if you get stuck in the old ways of doing things, there is no way to fully grow and expand. Doing something that is new, especially when it comes to the financials of the company, can feel foreign and it can leave business owners feeling out of control.

What we promise and guarantee our customers is not only that they maintain control – they gain more control and they stop needlessly paying someone to stand in the way of the information that an owner or presidents need to make some really sound and fruitful decisions about where to take the company. If you give us a chance to show you the future, you will realize that bookkeeping is like the dark ages of accounting. Contact us so that we can take your bookkeeping in Charleston, SC online, and to the next level.