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Since 2010, we have grown with technology so that we remain on the cutting edge. We have enjoyed helping countless companies reach levels of success they never knew possible. No matter your industry, we believe our service can be tailored to achieve similar levels of success for your business.

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The Goal of Our Accounting Service Packages are all the Same - to Simplify

Outsourced Accounting

Our outsourced accounting package was primarily designed to help small business owners who need an extra hand with their accounting system.

Fractional CFO

Our Fractional CFO package includes everything listed in our Outsourced Accounting and Project-Based package plus the higher-level oversight.


For businesses that feel they have a firm grasp on their accounting already but are looking to make strategic, more one-time changes, we offer a project based solution for you.

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We are a collection of problem-solvers. Everyone’s situation is very unique, so we are adept at remaining open-minded to finding the best solution for you.

Best Accounting Firm in Charleston, SC

When you start up a new business, you have so many hats to wear, and one of them is accounting. But as you grow your company, there comes a time when your time is better spent handling the big picture instead of being in the trenches of the day-to-day. If you want to take your business to the next level, you have to recognize when it is time to consider small business account firms to take the reins so you can focus on what you do best! Accounting firms in Charleston, SC are the best way to ensure that your financials are in order.

With so many accounting firms in Charleston, SC to choose from, how do you know which one to hire? Of all the small business account firms, the best accounting company to pick is the one that understands the importance that your financial health plays in your daily operation and the big picture of your organization’s success. At Current Accounting, we are head and shoulders above other small business account firms because we go the extra mile to ensure that you have all the data that you need to make the right decisions to take you to the next level!

Affordable & Professional Accountants in Charleston, SC - Specializing in Bookkeeping & Payroll

When it comes to your business’s success, talent retention is critical, which is why you need a Charleston payroll company. If you are going to hire an accountant in Charleston, SC, make sure that you find one who will do all that you need to be compliant and take care of your Charleston payroll so that you are fully covered. A firm that handles bookkeeping in Charleston, SC might not be enough to handle it all; you might benefit from hiring an accountant in Charleston, SC who can wear many masks.

A Charleston payroll company will ensure that your employees are paid on time and that you are following the tax rules and laws. You have so many other things to focus on, and your payroll should not be one of them. If you hire an accountant, they can do more than just your taxes; they can handle all your financial information and provide you with the data you need to make both small and large decisions about your big-picture goals. At Current Accounting, we understand that your time is better spent on doing what you do best, and we will handle your accounting and bookkeeping in Charleston, SC.

Expert Accountant & Book keeping

Near Charleston and Mt. Pleasant, SC

Keeping up with the accounting needs of any business can be a major challenge, often taking up valuable time and resources that could be better spent on other aspects of running your business. At Current Accounting, we proudly partner with businesses who value cutting edge technology and superior customer service.

Our accounting firm close to Mt. Pleasant and Charleston, SC, can handle all of your accounting needs, giving you time to spend on dealing with customers and developing your offerings to grow your business.

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Small Business Accounting Firms

Outsourced accounting near Mt. Pleasant and Charleston, SC, doesn’thave to be difficult to find. You can count on our team of qualified accountants to handle any of your accounting tasks, no matter how complex or simple. Whether you need a fractional CFO to work directly with your company or need someone for help with your Charleston payroll, we’ve got you covered so you don’t have to worryabout handling your accounting services in house. There’s no better way to ensure your small business’s accounts are in order.

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Don’t struggle through the hard work an accountant & bookkeeping agency should be able to handle with ease. Current Accounting works hard to ensure your books are in order, whether you need help with your day-to-day accounting or you’re facing an audit and need professional help.

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